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Rapid Objects delivers practical ETL training
Rapid Objects delivers leading edge business intelligence training that is grounded in business strategy, and powered by technology.
  Data Mart Extraction, Transform, and Load (ETL) Training

Data Mart Extraction, Transform, and Load (ETL) Training
P/N: RBI 7073
Price: $350 per student (minimum 5)
Deliverable: 2-day Training class covering
  • Survey of typical data sources
  • Tool selection and technology survey
  • Metadata repositories
  • Loading dimension tables
  • Loading fact tables
  • Data cleansing and de-duping
  • Parallel processing
  • Pre-computed aggregates
  • ETL operations management
  • Survey of products and emerging technologies
For more details, download a PDF version of this class description.

How do you manipulate the bits quickly and efficiently?

This Rapid Objects' training class covers the heart of a data mart development effort -- extracting data from operational systems, transforming data into clean, reliable, usable formats, and loading data into a dimensional model. It provides your staff with:
  • A full understanding of ETL process design issues
  • The practical skills necessary to create efficient ETL processes
At your site, or in a training facility, students are provided with:
  • Lectures from trainers with practical consulting experience
  • Practical hands-on training designing business intelligence data mart ETL processes
Developing a data mart for a single business process provides the quickest (and best) way to get started developing valuable business intelligence applications.

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