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Rapid Objects provides practical data mart training and education.
Rapid Objects provides leading edge business intelligence training that is grounded in business strategy, and powered by technology.
 Data Mart Development Training
Individual Data Mart Classes:
Architecture and Project Management

High-performance Dimensional Modeling

ETL Processes

Reporting, Analysis, and Data Mining

Accelerated Development Training

Explore the class descriptions above, or contact us for more information at 949-499-3913 or through our contact us form.

Does your company have a business process that could stand improvement?

The quickest (and best) way to get started developing valuable business intelligence applications is to focus on a single business process and put together the information required to help employees make that process work better. Developing a data mart for that process provides that focus.

Rapid Objects offers classes to help people develop business intelligence data marts. Our classes are a combination of lecture and lab work and are primarily held on site. They are, however, periodically scheduled at training centers.

The classes cover the following topics:
  • Rapid Data Mart Architecture and Project Management-- This provides the background to allow you to make intelligent data mart design decisions and covers the best practices for data mart project management.
  • High-performance Data Mart Dimensional Modeling-- This explores dimensional modeling, the most widely accepted technique for creating the database schemas for data warehouses.
  • Data Mart Extraction, Transform, and Load (ETL) Processes-- This covers the heart of a data warehousing effort, extracting data from operational systems, transforming data into clean, reliable, usable formats, and loading data into a dimensional model.
  • Data Mart Reporting, Analysis, and Data Mining-- This explores the variety of reporting, analysis, visualization, and statistical exploration technologies that can provide the information needed to monitor and improve a business.

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